Part 107

Did you know there are significant restrictions when flying Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) or drones for commercial or business purposes? There are official FAA rules concerning flight speed, altitude, and aircraft weight. There are even restrictions on when and where a remote pilot can fly a drone. With a FAA Part 107 UAS license, a remote pilot can confidently fly a drone while navigating all the rules and restrictions the FAA has placed on pilots who wish to fly for commercial purposes. Paul Gray at OnPoint Forensics has been a Part 107 licensed pilot since 2017. Drone photography can be very beneficial when analyzing and mapping the scene of a collision. Drones offer a unique prospective in scene documentation and the aerial photos can be used for photogrammetry, orthomosaic imagery and conversion into point cloud data. OnPoint Forensics is proud to offer their clients investigative services which can include the use of drones. Contact us for more information.

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