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OnPoint Forensics is an accident reconstruction and consulting firm which provides analytical services to the legal, insurance and automotive industries. OnPoint Forensics utilizes a multidisciplinary approach and benefits from the extensive accident investigation experience of its members

Accident Reconstruction

The reconstruction specialists at OnPoint Forensics have decades of experience in accident reconstruction. We are accredited specialists that believe in a team approach. 

Event Data Analysis

The majority of vehicles on the road today have the ability to record Event Data during a collision. OnPoint Forensics has the expertise to image and analyze this vital information. 

Reality Capture

OnPoint Forensics uses advanced technology, including 3D imaging, to provide our clients with detailed information about their case. These details can then be easily presented in a courtroom setting.

Vehicle Mechanical Inspection

performing vehicle mechanical evaluations to provide the necessary

information to exclude or validate a pre-collision mechanical


Scene Mapping

 Whether your case requires a simple 2D diagram, a complex 3D map or point cloud, we have you covered.

Insurance Case Review 

We can provide a one-time or ongoing case review for insurance claims.

Facility Mapping 

3D mapping the inside and outside of buildings or entire facilities; beyond blueprints can provide vital information for asset management, real estate transactions and public safety


The specialists at OnPoint Forensics have extensive teaching experience in a wide range of topics relating to scene mapping and accident reconstruction. We can provide this service to your agency. 

Expert Testimony

Our reconstruction specialists have considerable experience providing expert testimony in deposition and courtroom trials. 

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