Leica RTC360 Scanner Coming Soon to OnPoint Forensics

The crew at OnPoint Forensics are extremely excited to have a new piece of equipment.  OnPoint Forensics is in the process of acquiring a Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner.  This one piece of equipment and the Leica software package will significantly enhance the services OnPoint Forensics provides to their clients.  It might not be completely accurate to say that this 3D scanner can do it all, but it pretty much can do it all.  Our traffic accident reconstruction experts have relied on 3D laser technology for quite some time.  In fact, we began our laser scanning with the Leica ScanStation HDS over 12 years ago.  Our experts are very familiar with laser scanning and realize the importance of having point cloud data in accident reconstruction.  Laser scanning is just one of the services offered by OnPoint Forensics.  A Leica RTC360 will allow us to bring the most advance technology to our clients.

 Contact us if you have any questions pertaining to how the use of this technology can assist in your case.

OnPoint is attending the 2018 CA2RS Conference

The traffic accident reconstruction experts at OnPoint Forensics are excited to attend the 20th Anniversary Annual Fall CA2RS Conference later this month.  This years conference is shaping up to be a good one and the topics include:

  • Human Factors – Dr. Jeffery Muttart and Swaroop Dinakar of Crash Safety Research Center
  • Heavy Vehicle EDR Update – William Messerschmidt and Shannon Burgess of Messerschmidt Safety Consultants
  • CDR Update – Adam Hyde of Cooper Barrette Consulting

Continuing education is vital for any traffic accident reconstruction expert.  In fact, many certifications that a traffic accident reconstruction expert obtains, require that the expert maintains a certain amount of continuing education hours.  OnPoint Forensics prides itself on making education a professional focus.  Our team of experts continually attend training, conferences, and professional organization seminars in order to stay current on topics of the industry.

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